How to Answer 3rd Wave Feminist Arguments

Since I launched 4th Wave Feminism nearly a year and a half ago, I’ve had hundreds of debates with 3rd Wavers.  This includes the likes of AronRa, (yes, THE AronRa), Gender Studies Professors, and entire communities that end up having to delete my comments and / or ban me from the discussion because they’ve got no other way to respond.

Throughout these debates, I’ve found that the links I’m about to provide here have held up time and time again, are unassailable, and often times are so effective that they shut down the discussion almost immediately.  3rd Wavers have little else than name-calling to reply back with.  Fair warning – if you start using these, make SURE you save the thread, because you will almost certainly find your comments deleted.

So if you’re wanting to reply to any of the topics that follow, just copy-paste these links into the discussion, and watch the 3rd Wavers go bat-shit.  I’m not afraid of them coming here and trying to answer the source, so the comments on this site are always open, and criticism is never moderated.  You can go through the comments that we have so far, and you’ll see where a few of them have tried – and failed miserably.

Copy-paste these links if you see these topics being discussed:


Responses to “Patriarchy”
. – overwhelming evidence AGAINST patriarchy existing in the US.  This is the complete response, like the title says.
 . — What patriarchy actually is, when it existed, and where it existed.
 . – a point by point response to patriarchy asserted as “a system of rich white men rule everything” (literally, that’s the definition given by Everyday Feminism).
 . – a point by point response to patriarchy asserted as “A system in which masculinity is valued over femininity”.
Responses to the “Wage Gap”
 . – an explanation of what the wage gap really is, and that it’s not caused by sexism or sexist discrimination. (It’s real – it’s just not caused by those things)
 . – a thought experiment demonstrating just how wrong the wage gap myth really is.
 . – an example of blatant dishonesty regarding the wage gap in the New York Times.
Responses to “Privilege”
 . – what privilege actually is, and how most things are not privilege.
 . – male privilege does not exist. This refutes most of the most commonly cited examples.
 . – a response to a post supposedly made by a “trans man” (it’s most likely rehashed nonsense posted by a 3rd Waver simply making that claim)
Responses to “Objectification” and “Harassment”
 . – illustrates how most claims of harassment are subjective and false.
Responses to Rape Culture
 . – The idea of rape culture is not only wrong, it is *SO* wrong, and *SO* divorced from reality, that it required a 5 part series just to respond to. Use the “Next” and “Previous” links at the top to go back and forth between each of these.
. – Explains a few simple reasons why rape kits are backlogged, as detailed in a 2011 report from the Justice Department.
Responses to Feminism in general
 . – Explains what feminism is, the different kinds of feminism, and why everyone hate the modern version. 4th Wave Feminism (the site you’re reading now) is an attempt to rescue feminism, and turn it back towards legitimate issues.
 . – Shows how 3rd Wavers keep women in a state of perpetual victim-hood, and that it is *not* empowering to women.
 . – Demonstrates that 3rd Wave Feminism is a faith based movement with no evidence supporting it’s claims.
 . – explains how 3rd Wavers are, from a mental health standpoint, delusional.
 . – Provides a walk-through explanation on the difference between rational inquiry by way of science, and story-telling by religion and 3rd Wave Feminism.
Responses to Cultural Appropriation
 . – Point by point response to examples of Cultural Appropriation, explaining why this isn’t really a thing.
 . – A response to a popular youtube video on Cultural Appropriation.

Responses to Capitalism / Class Structure
————————————————————- – While this topic is not as common, it may still come up in a debate on occasion.  Explains why capitalism is not an inherently evil system, and why class structure is not automatically a bad thing (I’m a socialist, by the way, so don’t bother going there).


Let me know in the comments if you find these useful, and also tell me what topics you would like to see responses to.  These posts usually require a few days of research at least, and usually a day of carefully constructing them so they’re “counter-argument” proof.  Because they take so much time, from here on, I’d like some feedback from the community on what you would like to see on this site.

Some ideas I’ve had recently:

— The Academy Awards does not “lack diversity”.

— Fat Shaming is bad, but being fit is not “unrealistic”.

— How to tell the difference between social narratives and social science.

Any takers on these?  Or do you have any ideas of your own?

Let me know!


13 thoughts on “How to Answer 3rd Wave Feminist Arguments

  1. Hey, I really love what you’ve got going on here….what’s your thoughts on ‘women’s health care’, i.e. Abortion? Most rabid feminists I have encountered consider it a Sacrament.


    • The answer to this argument is rather simple… but I don’t have a post on it yet. I suppose I should slip this topic into a future post somewhere.

      Basically the 3rd Waver position is built upon a strawman. Their narrative insists that it’s about “controlling women’s bodies”, when in fact, *no one* on the pro-life side of the argument has ever said “Our intention is to control women’s bodies”. Their stated intention is to protect the life of the fetus.

      The typical response you’ll get here is to how the pro-life side has no concern once the child is born (they want to defund social aid programs, etc), and how many of them are religiously indoctrinated. This is a red herring, as it’s besides the point. The point here is that they aren’t engaged in some sort of patriarchal conspiracy to “control women’s bodies”.

      As such, the efforts of the pro-life crowd is to limit and restrict abortions. 3rd Wavers will actually agree to this, if you just point it out to them. Simply ask one if they think it’s okay to abort a baby 5 minutes before birth. They’ll usually say no. Then ask if it’s okay to abort a child 1 hour before birth. Again the answer is no. Try 1 day before birth – at this point they’ll start twisting and turning the discussion because they see where it’s going. You can tell them “looks like you’ve got a lot of restrictions for when a woman *CAN’T* have an abortion!” – which is precisely the point of pro-lifers. They just disagree on where that exact line should be drawn.

      Now aside from this, there have been some underhanded tactics from republicans to make it harder for a woman to have access to an abortion, and this is a legit women’s issue (and it’s not an equality issue). For example, republicans lobbied for an unreasonable standard of care for abortion clinics, which caused many in the state of Texas to be shut down, meaning a woman would have to travel hundreds of miles to reach the nearest one. Tactics like this can, and should, be countered with opposing legislation and raising awareness, though we probably won’t see that, as we can’t even hear these points over the noise continually made by uneducated and conspiracy-driven 3rd Wavers.


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  3. You rock my world! Thanks for adding ammo to the side of logic and reason. And you did it without even touching on the fact that suppressing free speech is the only defense 3rd wavers can come up with- they are trying to weaponize censorship, and failing terribly thank goodness.

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  8. Generally speaking, I find it difficult to locate more than a dime’s worth of difference between 3rd wave/SJW and their self-declared “major enemies.” Among these are, firstly, the so-called “radical feminists,” who are not anywhere near as radical as they like to claim — they’re simply another stripe of authoritarian in a slightly different style of suit, and tend to don “schoolmarm glasses” instead of “problem glasses.” Among them secondly are those pledging allegiance to what is variously termed “the far right,” “the alt-right,” or “the hard right” — whatever they call themselves, they had better stop wilting like the tenderest of springtime flowers each time they’re faced with evidence that they ain’t all that different from their “foes,” the screeching SJW babies who aren’t leftist at all, but rather, hard authoritarians with a fascism fetish. Otherwise, they, too, will be left behind in the dust.

    To truly become an SJW Public Enemy No. 1, and moreover, to sustain this distinction, one must discuss “taboo” topics in or in the vicinity of their “safe space.” By taboo, I mean, at minimum “topic is declared BANNED by the mainstream, aka SJW-ideologue-packed media” AND ALSO “mere mention of topic causes speshul snowfleaux SJW brats to shriek and fall to the floor.” One example: mothers who abuse their children, physically and emotionally, as well as those who abuse them sexually. Women commit the majority of child abuse, and it is time all the sneaufleax face the music here. Second example: any genuine discussion of autogynephilia, but especially, those that include such “taboo” facts as, “the woman inside of me” is NOT a result of gender dysphoria a la classic transsexuality, but instead, comes about because of an erotic target location error. I look back fondly on the trans community in the era prior to SJW infestation and shake my head at what’s replaced it, firstly because of the sheer dysfunction.

    SJWs have NO tolerance for such topics, which is why they must be exposed to them posthaste, and that exposure must last until they react in a manner that proves their infantile mentality and maturity level. For example, their insistence that Blaire White is a Nazi, a TURF, a fascist, and so forth and so on, blah dee blah blah is a textbook-perfect example of how childishly intolerant these perfect, tolerant angels (LOL!!) are. All told, the number of U.S. citizens currently capable of engaging an ideological opponent or foe instead of pouting like a brat toddler and shrieking invectives like a banshee at war is vanishingly small. Those mature and rhetorically diverse enough to make their points without forcing the discussion to degrade into “CUCK TURF MAN-SPLAIN RAEP CUL-TURRR hurr DURR blah blah BLAH” are those likeliest to be opponents worth sparring with, even if we don’t always see eye to eye.


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