Life in the World of a Third Waver: Introduction

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first episode of a new series I’ll be doing!

I just recently came across this article: – explaining how office air conditioning is sexist.  This is no doubt evidence of the patriarchy, AND male privilege.  Clearly, women are still struggling for equal rights.  Because you can’t just get up and turn the air condition down if you’re too cold, or put on a jacket.

This made me consider just how absolutely positively every single thing in life can now be called sexist, or attributed to the patriarchy, based entirely on whether or not a woman finds it objectionable.  We’ve gone from blatant, inarguable “you can’t be a doctor because you’re a woman” type of sexism, to a “war against women through air conditioning”, and “misogyny is real because Mario saves the princess”.  If you ask a woman to smile?  Male privilege.  Tell a woman how wonderful she is?  Benign sexism.  Look at a woman and feel any sexual attraction towards her without permission?  Male gaze.

I began imagining what it must be like to actually believe in all this.  What if a person got out of bed, and not only believed in all this, but actually lived it?  What if, in their mind, the world existed exactly the way the Third Wave says it does – with no exaggerations, just following their description exactly?  It seems this would be symptomatic of severe schizophrenia, similar to the character in A Beautiful Mind.  So I decided to write an ongoing series that would document the life of such a person.

I welcome any feedback, and I hope you enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Life in the World of a Third Waver: Introduction

  1. Holy f*ck Batman! That linked article is totally batshit insane.

    Besides, while I know that for some strange reason most women start to wear jacket as soon as the temperature drops below 30 C (That’s commonly called high Summer!), I see the very same women at the beach et cetera during the same weather, the same sun, the same heat, wearing much less and being perfectly fine with it. I’m sure there’s SOME kind of rational explanation for it… but I’ve long given up trying to figure THAT out. *shrugs*


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